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Tastes of Anglia

How It Started

In 1993 we bought a café franchise to operate in Norwich, the cornerstone of which was hand baked Canadian style muffins. These were totally different to the sponge muffins sold in the UK.

In 1996, we split away and developed our own unique sweet and savoury muffin mixes based on muesli type ingredients (oats, bran, rye and wheat flakes etc.) - The Muffin Place was born.  Our mixes provide an exceptional base of flavours and textures which are further enhanced by the addition of fresh, frozen, or dried ingredients to make any number of recipes. 

In the same year a second café was opened in Norwich operating the same concept of serving great coffee with unique muffins.   

In 2000 the cafés were sold and so Norwich lost its muffins.  However, since then (and still today) our old customers regularly stopped us in the streets complaining they missed our muffins.

For fun, in 2007 we re-created the mixes, but one thing led to another and gradually the idea dawned to make the mixes available in commercial and retail packaging.

The quality and popularity of our muffins have been well proven: our café’s sold an estimated half a million between 1996 and 2000.