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The following guidlines are based over many years of experience :


  • Pre-weigh flour (mark Sweet and Savoury) into containers / bowls to save time
  • Pre-weigh and prepare recipe ingredients (e.g. dried and frozen ingredients can be chopped and held (at their respective temperatures), herbs and spices added, toppings counted etc.) The more you prepare in advance the quicker to assemble and into the oven
  • Substitute Whole Pasturised Egg for fresh egg (use same volume as fresh egg)
  • Substitute Cheese Powder for cheese (use a third powder two thirds cheese)
  • Some dry ingredients can be tipped into the flour (but remember what needs to be added in the morning)
  • Lay everything out (as much as possible) the night before so equipment and ingredients are all to hand immediately.  This really helps to get through the bake as quickly as possible (without rummaging around trying to find things)
  • Plan and create a Bake Schedule for the week - ensuring you have the right quantity of ingredients available and you don't have to think first thing in the morning.  It also helps balance recipes for variety and (ingredients) cost
  • Within the Bake Schedule, include the list of preparation jobs for the following day
  • Nominate how many trays of each recipe to be baked, and think in what order to bake them - its often better to bake off the same recipe batches at the same time
  • The Bake Schedule helps to identify your ordering requirements for the period ahead.  It also helps if you need to bake more muffins during the day as ingredients are immediately available
  • Use muffin paper cases if it suits your business
  • Don't forget to bake a muffin cake - it might better suit your business.  Slice a tray cake, wrap and freeze or display as required
  • GoldenSyrup greatly extends the shelf life of sweet muffins (to 5-6 days)


  • Allow sufficient time to bake and cool in your morning schedule - the baking smell helps sales (as it wafts down the street) and you should have at least a couple of flavours ready when you open for business
  • Plan to bake for the day and get baking over and done with - this allows you to concentrate on other things in the kitchen.  However you can always bake more during the day if need be (always have a stand by list of recipes and ingredients available - the Bake Schedule will help here)
  • Display the muffins in their baking trays - this helps to promote the fact that they are "freshly baked on the premises"
  • Alternatively, allow to fully cool and wrap and seal in clear film: this still looks attractive, preserves toppings (always difficult if putting into a take-out paper bag), greatly assists staff in handling and is easier for the customer
  • Allow at least 30 minutes for muffins to cool and set before trying to remove them (otherwise they will break)
  • Use an ordinary paper bag for take away muffin sales - don't forgot serviettes
  • Use tongs or a gloved hand to pick muffins at point of sale  
  • If customers want a muffin before properly cooling, then warn that it may break as
    if removed from the tray.  Most customers don't mind - they simply can't resist!
  • With silicone trays you can gently squeeze from the bottom (but the muffin may still break).  Use a fork to dig into the side of the muffin (once a side is exposed),to help lift it clear of the tray
  • Always offer to heat muffins in a microwave (even take-away muffins if they are to be eaten shortly).  They need 15 -20 seconds in a microwave (savoury muffins need 5 seconds longer as they are denser).  Offer butter or margerine
  • Take time and care to decorate muffins with regular and attractive toppings - 'customers eat with their eyes' so make toppings a visual treat


  • Copy recipes onto the Bake Schedule - this ensures nothing is forgotten and recipe consistency is achieved - it also helps staff training and those staff who may lack experience
  • Use best quality ingredients - this will be reflected in the qualityof your muffins
  • Comply with Genetically Modified legislation
  • Discard unsold muffins on their day of baking - do not keep for the next day
  • Anticipate if you need to bake more muffins well in advance (for example review before and just after lunch, and allow for baking and cooling times).  Establish 'review points' during the day so as not to overload the kitchen at peak times
  • Put out samples for customers to nibble on (just break up a muffin and display)           


Alternative recipe ingredients are recommended for trade use.  These are quality products available in catering packs - just substitute for recipe ingredients or invent your own recipes but always bear in mind this is a high quality product with a strong element of natural and discernable ingredients.  Customers like to see and taste natural ingredients and experience that home baked feel of quality.

Ask your local and national suppliers to provide (but you may have to shop around).

  • Pizza / Tomato: MacPhie PizzaTopping
  • Apple:  Mackel Apple or Irish Apple
  • Ginger:Ginger Crush
  • Toffee:Toffee Fudgee or Fudge Pieces
  • Cheese: Substitute Cheese Powder for a third of the cheese weight (it can be very strong so don't overdo things)
  • Pasturised Whole Egg (Frozen): Substitute for fresh egg (use same volume as fresh egg)