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Become a Distributor

The Muffin Place is offering a special business opportunity to become an authorised Distributor of Sweet and Savoury Muffin Mixes to commercial outlets.  The concept is extremely simple, generates good profit margins for little effort, and has excellent passive income sustainability. 

Your role is to find and supply 15 – 20 catering outlets (they can be as diverse as nursing homes, sandwich and coffee shops, bakers, mobile caterers, sandwich rounds, schools, hotels, garden centre café’s and so on). 

Initially you will need to bake sample muffins to show your potential customers.  The baking process is very simple and as long as you have an oven you will have no trouble in producing delicious muesli muffins.

You have a protected Distributorship Area identified by Post Codes and have access to the on-line Muffin Management Centre where you can create your own Customer Data Base, track orders, download documents, and generally manage your business.

There is an upfront fee to secure your protected Distributorship Area. The fee includes your first pallet of Muffin Mixes and basic marketing materials.

Muffin Mixes are delivered to your home address on a pallet so you must have a secure, waterproof garage with good access from the road.  Commercial Bags are packed with 16kgs of Sweet or Savoury Muffin Mix and you receive a mixed pallet of 50 bags to sell.

Muffin Mixes are supplied on a cash basis so you shouldn’t have to worry about giving credit (but you may have to) or complicated accounting.  When your stock gets low, simply re-order, make payment to Head Office and 2 weeks later receive your new delivery.

See the Protected Territories available.  Double click on the Area to see the number of catering outlets (use as a guide only).